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It is a blessing to be able to Join with Kadin, my fifteen year old grandson, in his first opportunity to share his artistic talent in a way that will sow seeds of truth in young impressionable minds.  

     Kadin and I know that scripture is the ultimate source of nourishment for every spiritual truth, but at times a warm lap, a gentle voice, and a willing spirit with a children's book in hand can provide a wonderful teaching moment that will point the way to the Bread of Life. It is our hope that this little book will be a seed planted in a garden that will one day be harvested in the Kingdom of Heaven. 


Jump into your favorite classic car and take a ride. Roll the windows down. Let the warm breeze of nostalgia arouse slumbering joys of yesterday... and travel back, back to when the unveiling of a brand new car was as eagerly anticipated as the family picnic on the fourth of July!


"There Was A Time"

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     "There Was A Time" is a photographic and literary escape; a peek back to a place most baby-boomers call home. It is a spark to a memory long forgotten, a catalyst for stories that should be past down from generation to generation. "There Was A Time", an 8x10 hard cover - glossy paged - full color - table top book offering twenty-five pictures and one page stories, is a road trip on the highway of life. What a great Christmas gift! 


     To Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles


     Chuck, Denny, Sam and Jess begin their GREATEST adventure ever when their imaginary exploit trips over reality buried in the ground. Riches are in their future! What they didn't count on was the cost...

     "Granddad's Story" draws a definitive line between temporal and eternal treasure, love of self and love for others, living in this world and living in the kingdom of heaven. This simple story provides a clear presentation of the gospel that will relate to boys and girls alike.

     Although written for ages eight through twelve, "Granddad's Story" can be enjoyed by any age for individual or family reading. Points of discussion become obvious in a family setting. Opportunity to share God's word becomes a joy.

     My hope is that "Granddad's Story" will become one more implement in your belt of tools to help share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with the children in your life. 



                                                  a novel                                                                                               

    Reality - Transformed - Restored


    Together in one volume!

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    "Truth" is not your ordinary novel. It speaks of a love which seems impossible to attain and yet challenges us to pursue. It encourages us to be strong and yet asks us to surrender. It acclaims life, yet demands we die. "Truth", written in three parts; Reality - Transformed - Restored, is "real life" fiction that ventures into lives of people you may recognize; people who's lives you may have shared.